What You Should Know about Advanced Parole

Depending on one’s immigration status, or if one has a pending petition with immigration, it may be necessary to carry a type of travel document when leaving the United States. Advance Parole allows an individual to travel back to the United States without first applying for a visa.  Airline companies are allowed to accept Advance Parole documents instead of a visa as proof of travel authorization. Individuals living in the United States can apply for Advance Parole by filling out the immigration form I-131, Application for Travel Document.  This type of travel permit cannot last more than one year and the filing fee varies.  There is no limit on how many times individuals can apply for a re-entry permit. 

Advance Parole is often used by DACA recipients to be able to travel outside of the United States without losing their DACA. During the Trump administration, Advance Parole was not an option.  President Biden, however, has restored the availability of Advance Parole to what it was under the Obama administration.  Advance Parole can be taken for education, employment, or humanitarian purposes. If none of these purposes apply, individuals can submit an explanation and other evidence to show that the circumstances merit the issuance of an Advance Parole document.

Travel permits exist for several purposes aside from DACA. Travel permits can take a while to obtain, so it is important to meet with an attorney as soon as possible in order to make sure your application is submitted with enough time to receive the travel permit. 

For more information, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-131

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