Have You Thought About Estate Planning?

Estate Plan

Estate planning is such an important service that isn't always a topic on everyone's mind. Essentially an estate plan is a combination of legal documents that complement each other and satisfy an at large goal. How do I want to be treated while I’m alive? Who do I want to receive my things when I pass? How will my children be taken care of? An actual, comprehensive plan considered all of these questions together.

A question you might be asking yourself is "So who really needs an estate plan"? Well, it is always a good idea to have some documents in place no matter your age. As soon as you’re able,  it is a good idea to have a financial and healthcare Power of Attorney put into place. A Power of Attorney is a document that allows an appointed attorney in fact to act for someone who is unable to act for themselves. These documents make sure that if you needed help, a hospital would know who to speak with. As people gain assets, they need a more developed estate plan. As you get older, settle into your career, and start to obtain assets, it becomes important to develop a comprehensive estate plan.

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