document signingEstate Planning and Trusts

Have you ever heard the statistic that more than half of the people you know don't have a will? Well, it's true and it could become a big problem.

A proper estate plan will give you the peace of mind to know that what you've worked so hard for will be left to those you love.

When you meet with one of our lawyers you can get detailed information on the following:

  • Basic & Complex Wills
  • Durable Power of Attorneys
  • Health care and Financial
  • Living Wills
  • Beneficiary planning
  • Trusts: Special needs trusts, QTIP
  • TN asset Protection Trusts
  • Instruments to qualify for nursing home care
  • Asset and Liability Protection
Probate & Conservator Proceedings

When you lose a loved one most people first deal with the emotions and heart ache. Next comes the question, "What about the will?" So, what happens if there is no "Will" or if there are assets that weren't left to anyone and they are just part of the deceased's estate?

Another related concern is for family members or friends who have seen the health or mental state of a loved one deteriorate to the point where additional steps need to be taken to care for that loved one.

This is when having an attorney who understands the court's Probate or Conservatorship process is invaluable.  We are happy to guide you throughout his difficult time, whether you are settling up matters from a death in the family, concerned that some of the purported Will or real estate deed documents are not valid, or whether you are charged with care-giving for a loved one.  We are here to answer your questions, and alleviate stress and take care of things to let you rest easier.

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